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Students' tests from Martin's classes.
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Dec 30 2020, HaveHasHad, 60% passed which is OK and average is 87% which is very good.

Dec 28, Past Perfect Continuous is not easy. 41% passed and an average of 68% is not good.

Dec 22, future perfect continuous, 43% passed which is not good and average was 70% which is OK.

Dec 22, 81% passed with an average of 86 which is very good.

Future tense 75% passed win an average of 78% which is very good.

Phonetic alphabet 92% passed with an average&; of 90% which is extremely good.

Dec 16, 80% passed with an average of 82% which is very good.

Dec 9. Trieu and Tien didn't do their homework and failed miserably. Not good at all.

&;Dec 9, 91 % passed the tenses test, and the average is very good. 87% average is very good.

Dec 9, 60% passed the adverb test and the average is 78% which is very good.

Dec 02, comparative and superlative adjectives. 77% passed, very good so is the average of 78%.

Nov 30, adjectives, 67% passed and average is 79% which is very good.

Action verbs 56% passed is Ok. Passing is 50%. Average is 76% which is good since the pass rate is 75%.

Be verbs, 100%, capitals only 29% passed.

ASEAN test was not good. 45% Passed is not good. Result is acceptable.

Country test based on flags went very well.

Tenses are difficult. 33% Passed is bad. Result not too good. 58%.

Non-count nouns, everybody got 100%, Easy.

Family relations. Very good results. 8 out 9 passed with an average score of 92%. Excellent.

Roman numerals very good, binary not so good. 56% passed average was 63%.

October 7, an extra test since the TV didn't work. It was about the VN flag and the last king of Vietnam, Bao Dai. 57% passed with an average of 75%. Good result both ways.

Countries test. Very good results. 75% passed with an average of 83%.

Tenses test, easy and every passed. Vietnamese is easy.

Sep 23, Tenses test, 60% passed which is OK an result good too.

Sep 23, Translation test 80% passed and result very good too.

Sep 16, adverbs test. 80% passed and result very good too.

Sep 14, comparative and superlative adjectives test, 55% passed which is good.

Sep 11, adjective test, 55% passed which is good.

Sep 9, very good results. 80% passed on 'action'-verbs.

Sep 7, 67% passed on 'Be'-verbs'.

Sep 4, phonetic test. Only one failed. Very good.

Sep 4, pronouns test. Not good, only 2 passed, but the result was OK.

Aug 26, count nouns and family. Only one passed but the average was OK.

Aug24, test 1&2, nouns.

Aug 14th, translation test. Not good, only 44% passed but average was 64% which is acceptable.

Aug 12th, verb tenses test. Not bad at all. 67% passed and class average was 77%.

Aug 10th, very good results on homework test and adverbs test. 80 and 87% respectively is very good.

Aug 3rd&; and Aug 5th's test, Grammar 07 & 08,Aug 3rd's test, Grammar 07, Adjectives, Comparale and superlative. 25% & 50% passed, but average was good, 60% on both.


Aug 3rd's test, Grammar 07, Adjectives. 25% passed, but average was good, 60%.

July 29th test, Grammar 06, Action verbs. 30% passed, but average was good, 69%.

July 27th test, Grammar 05, 'BE' verb. 57% pass. Good.

July 22nd test. Only 18 and 25% pass, not good enough.

July 15th test, 100% pass. Count and non-count nouns

July 13th tests, 0% and 30% pass for respectively homework test and Grammar 01, nouns tests.

July 6th, grammar test 10, tenses. 21% pass, fail and have to redo.&;

July 1st, grammar test 10, tenses. 27% pass, fail and have to redo.

June 29th, grammar test 9, second try, 64% pass.

June 24th, Phonetic test, 40%, adverbs test 14%. Not good.

Test June 17th and 22nd, 18 and 38%, respectively, not good enough.

June 15th, Adjective test, 58% pass. Not good enough.

June 8th, worst result ever, 8 and +% pass.

June 1st, 8 and 50% pass.

June 1st, 8% pass, very bad.

May 27, all pass.

May 25th, only 29% pass.

May 20th, 63 & 29% pass.

March 16th, 2020, phonetic alphabet and count nouns. &;
Jan 10th tests, adjective tests.

'Be'-verbs tests at 0900 and 1030 and relations test at 0900.

Dec 27th at 0900 and 1030:
Pronouns and relations test. 50% passed in 0900 class and in 1030 class.

Dec 20th at 0900 and 1030:
Possessive nouns and relations test. Only 14% passed in both classes.

Dec 13th at 0900 and 1030:
Relations tests and non-count words at 0900 class.

Dec 6th &;at 0900 and 1030:
Nouns test sat 0900 and 1030 and relations test at 0900.


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